Welcome to 2018!!

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Welcome to 2018!!

2017 was an exciting year.  Early in the year, MyVoute boutique and designer clothing store was completed and opened.  By mid-year, Myvoute.com was launched as our portal to the global world of fashion.  Runa Ray showcased for the 3rd time at the New York Fashion Week in September.  Creating a unique collection that while focusing on sustainability and minimizing fashion’s carbon footprint didn’t take away from the flattering silhouettes, flowing dresses and capes, the intricate and delicate touches of embroidery and of course the Runa Ray signature final piece that spread her message of all of us try to love to the planet a little more each day.

As 2017 came to a close, one more reason to celebrate - a feature in the December Issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

As an intern at Christian Dior and John Galliano, being a part of their collections and seeing them presented on the runways of Paris, it was one of Runa’s many dreams to create her own collections that would showcase on the world greatest catwalks and runways.  That she could spread her messages of caring for the world and each other, challenging the status quo and getting people to think differently about fashion.

So it was an honor to share in Harper’s Bazaar when Runa Ray’s first collection was accepted into the F/W New York Fashion Week.  

We hope your 2017 was a great year and we wish you a wonderful and successful 2018.

Remember……..always dream BIG!


Myvoute Harpers Bazaar Runa Ray

Myvoute Runa Ray Harpers Bazaar